Recollector Userís Guide

(This version of the Userís Guide documents Version 3.3.24 of Recollector.)




Recollector is a flexible and powerful program that lets you organize and manage information about your collections.Collections of any type can be cataloged with Recollector, since you are able to choose exactly the kinds of information that you want to maintain about each of your collections. The program lets you describe and enter data about the items in your collection, using text and images (as well as audio or video clips and other kinds of associated documentation, such as PDF files).The collection database that you create can then be viewed, sorted, searched, printed, etc.You are not restricted to creating a single collection database - you can create as many collection databases as you want with Recollector.


Upgrading from Demo Mode to a fully registered version


If you have downloaded and installed the Demo Mode version of Recollector, the program will be fully functional, except that in Demo Mode a collection database is restricted to a maximum of 25 records.To upgrade from this evaluation version to a fully registered, unrestricted version, you can purchase a license by selecting Purchase License (upgrade from Demo Mode) from Recollectorís Help menu.Or, if you are not currently running Recollector, you can purchase a license at will receive a registration key via e‑mail. Enter this key in the registration dialog, which can be accessed from the collection window, via the About Recollector / Product Registration choice on the Help menu.


This documentation describes Recollector in two parts:



Index to the Userís Guide


Setting up your collection database

††††††††††† Defining a new collection

††††††††††† Creating a Collection from an Excel Spreadsheet or a Text File

††††††††††† Modifying fields and defining an "Image Directory"

††††††††††† Importing data into your collection

††††††††††† Adding data to your collection

††††††††††† Adding images to your collection

††††††††††† Managed Access: Multi-user collaboration on a collection

Using your collection (including information on all the menu items)

††††††††††† Editing data

††††††††††† Sorting data

††††††††††† Subsetting data

††††††††††† Selecting fields for the List view

††††††††††† Creating and using Field Profiles

††††††††††† Using Picklists

††††††††††† Generating Printed Reports

††††††††††† Generating a Collection Web Site

††††††††††† Setting User Preferences

††††††††††† Securing your collection: Encryption and Backup/Restore
††††††††††† Viewing your collection on an Android device

††††††††††† Viewing your collection on an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)




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