Recollector Userís Guide


Selecting Fields for the List View


In the collection window, the List View can display either some or all the fields in your collection.When you first create a collection, Recollector sets the List View to include all the collectionís fields.You can change this by selecting List Field Selection from the Options menu. The following dialog box will be displayed. (The actual fields shown will differ from what is shown here, depending upon the actual fields that you defined for your collection.)



Select fields from the lists and move them from one side to the other, or rearrange the order of items within a list. You can move and rearrange items by selecting one or more items and then either use the arrow buttons or use drag-and-drop with your mouse. The double-arrow buttons let you move all the items from one list to the other. You must specify at least one field in the Shown fields list.


You can also rearrange the order of fields in the List View by dragging on the column headers within the List View itself.


You can change the width of a column in the List View by clicking and dragging, in the column-header row, on the separator line at the right-hand edge of a column.Drag to the left to make the column narrower; drag to the right to make it wider.


The fields that you select for inclusion in the List View also determines which fields are displayed in the Image Gallery view. The first three fields in the List View are selected for display underneath the thumbnail images in the Image Gallery view. (However, if you have a field profile named Image Gallery defined, then the first three fields defined by that profile will determine which field values are shown in the Image Gallery view.)


Note: The changes you make to the selection of fields to display in the List, as well as their order and the width of the individual List columns, will all be saved with your collection, so that the next time you open the collection viewer, even after exiting and re-starting the program, the choices you last made will be preserved.


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