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Full Version: Highlighted link
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Hi Jeremy

When I add a highlighted link and then add a new line underneath, which has no reference to the link, the new line gets highlighted.

I can easily solve this by adding in menu Text Style Normal text, which converts back to normal lettering.

Is there a way that once you create a link , the next line underneath does not get highlighted?

Nothing major more of an extra steps to avoid


Hi Phill,

I was also wondering how to avoid this highlighting thing. l also tried to create a link to another record in my collection database, but failed. The link is not working properly.
Hi Terry

The links are working as intended.

The highlight is there to show there is a link.

Have you looked into the video tutorial and or the online tutorials to make sure you have set up a Recollector image file correctly,mine is under documents, thats where you put all the images and associated files so that recollector can pick them up.

If you don't set the file up correctly, recollector won't pick up your files.

Go thru the set up again, it had taken me a few times to understand it so trial and error however I got there in the end.

The link I was referring to,when you add a new line underneath a link, it highlights that same link again so you have to highlight and select normal text so that you can either go thru the process to create a new link or just add normal text.

Again the links are working as intended.

Mate don't give up, I have over 3000 files in my database each containing up to 40 fields with images links.

No doubt Jeremy will give you a better clarification on what to do.

Keep us inform on how you go

all the best

On the PC version of Recollector the selection of text for styling or creating hyperlinks can be a little bit sensitive. As Phill points out, once you have changed the style of text (whether it be the various appearance styles, or a hyperlink), if you then insert text adjacent (before or after) the styled text (and "adjacent" includes the beginning of the next line when the text at the end of the line is styled), the newly inserted text will also be given that style (or, in the case of a hyperlink, extend that link). Though it is a bit of of a nuisance, the best approach to avoiding this is, when you have started typing in the new text, and see that it has "inherited" the style of the adjacent text, just select the newly typed-in characters, right-click, and choose Normal from the context menu.

You will note that the style section of the context menu is always disabled when no text is selected. So, unfortunately, if you want to enter some styled text (for example, text in italic), you can't position your text input cursor where you want to enter this text, choose Italic from the context menu, and then begin to type. You need to first type in the desired text, select the just-typed-in text, and then use the context menu to style it. This is different from the text-style behavior you see in a program like Microsoft Word, where you can select the style that you want to use before you start typing.

One other note, that maybe relates to Terry's issue: After selecting, with your mouse, the text you want to style or turn into a hyperlink, you right-click with the mouse to open the context menu. But if you have moved the mouse location slightly before right-clicking, you might find that the selection has disappeared, and so the context menu displays with all styling and hyperlink options disabled. This is because the system looks at the exact location of the cursor when you right-click, and if that location is outside the blue-background box of the selected text, the prior selection is removed (i.e., the blue-highlighting is removed, not the actual text) and the cursor is set to a new location based on the mouse location at the moment you right-clicked. So you need to be a bit careful when right-clicking after making a selection: Make sure that your mouse cursor is still in the selected (blue-background) area when you click. As a help for doing this correctly, note that when your cursor is located within a selected (blue-background) area, the cursor will display as an arrow, whereas outside of the selected area it will display as a vertical bar (text-entry cursor) symbol. So be sure you are seeing the arrow cursor when you right-click to bring up the context menu.
Hi Tim

Here is a thread which you have an error log that can identify Files, images not found or copied in links and you can fix.

How can I create a highlighted link to using my personal webpage?
Just create a W-type hyperlink. (See the User's Guide for how to do this.) The target for the hyperlink should be the URL of your personal web page. Clicking on the resultant link will take you to your web page in a browser window.