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Global/Multiple Editing of Records
01-03-2020, 08:25 AM,
Global/Multiple Editing of Records
Newbie user asking. Is there a way to highlight multiple records and globally edit one or more fields?
01-06-2020, 07:53 AM,
RE: Global/Multiple Editing of Records
Editing is one-record-at-a-time. The only multiple-record-operation is for deletion of records. You can select Enable multi-record delete from the Edit menu (in the List View), and then you can select multiple rows in the List View through the typical <Shift>-click and <Ctrl>-click operations used by most programs (e.g. Excel) to select multiple items or to expand an existing selection. But, once having selected multiple records, the only actual use of this is when you then choose Delete record(s) from the Edit menu.

If you want to replace a particular word or phrase, in the same field of multiple records, with a different word or phrase, you can use Find and Replace on the Search menu. So that is a very restricted form of multi-record editing.

The only other option I can think of is to export records (or a subset of the fields for a set of records) to Excel or to a text file, do your multi-record editing in that external environment, and then import the edited data back in, using Recollector's merge options to cause your existing records to be updated (rather than adding additional new records). But this is more work than most people would want to do to get this effect.

Finally, even though editing is one-record-at-a-time, by using sorting and/or subsetting (to get the records you want to edit grouped together), and possibly also using the feature that lets you restrict the editor display to just a subset of your fields (as defined by a field profile), you can get a pretty efficient environment set up for editing a record and then easily moving on to the next record you want to edit (by just clicking the OK; go to next record button in the editor). Repeating the edit-click operation quickly moves you through the process of editing multiple records.

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