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Everything gone
10-05-2019, 07:00 AM,
Everything gone
[Tried posting this earlier, but it seems not to have made it through.]

I recently bought the license and have been entering data and images into Recollector for days, with over 80 items and images in 3 collections. Each day when I came in, the items and images previously entered were all there, as one would expect. Today, however, only one of the three collections shows up in the "Collection Windows" tab (though the other two show up in the "File/Open Recent" tab), and that collection is empty. Nothing. No data, no images. My Documents file shows the subfiles of images created by Recollector (where the program copies the images entered into the program), but the collection on Recollector is simply empty. I'm sure hoping there is something simple that I've missed to open Recollector and that this is solvable. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
10-05-2019, 11:57 PM,
RE: Everything gone
This has been followed up via email. But, to summarize, the only way that data entered into your collection can be deleted is either by explicit deletion (using the Delete record(s) choice on the Edit menu), or by abnormally terminating Recollector after entering data. (Examples of abnormal termination are killing off the Recollector process via the Windows Task Manager, or suddenly powering off your computer without closing open programs.)

In general, though, it is a good idea to turn on Recollector's Auto-Save capability. This is done on the Other Preferences tab of the Preferences dialog. When auto-save is turned on, Recollector will periodically save changes to disk, and will automatically save changes, without prompting, when you exit the program. If auto-save is not turned on, when you exit Recollector, the program will prompt you whether or not to save unsaved changes. Obviously, if you choose Don't save changes then new data and changes won't get saved.

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