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PDF attaching
04-06-2019, 11:46 PM,
PDF attaching
Hi. I've got a number of PDF multi-page documents that relate to items in my collections. I'd like to attach the PDF files, so all the docs are in one place. I don't necessarily need them to display in thumbs, but the option to click and open would be great. I looked in the discussions here, and the one I found said "attach as an F-type hyperlink".... in a text field.
Is there a more .... "non-technical user" (read "not computer savvy") set of instructions somewhere? I've tried google, and am getting stuff I don't even BEGIN to understand....

Thank you.
04-07-2019, 01:04 AM,
RE: PDF attaching
Creating these "F-type" special hyperlinks is exactly the way to do this. It isn't really very difficult. You enter some text in one of your text fields, and then, in the editor, select the part of the text that you want to turn into a hyperlink. Then right-click to bring up the context menu and choose Create/Edit Special Hyperlink. This will bring up a window where you can choose the "F-type link" radio button and enter the path and name of the desired PDF file that you want to be brought up when the user (probably you) clicks the link. You can use the Browse button to more easily navigate to and choose the PDF file (so you don't have to type it in), or you can use drag-and-drop to drag the file (from a File Explorer window on a PC, or from a Finder window on a Mac) and drop it into the Associated file field. That's it.

I'd recommend watching the training video on how to create and use special hyperlinks. Here is a link to that video:
The section on F-type hyperlinks is near the end, at about the 16:30 mark. The video was made quite some time ago, so what you will see there differs a little from what you will see in the latest version of the software. For example, using drag-and-drop wasn't supported at the time the video was made. But basically the process described in the video matches what you would do today to create a link that lets you bring up a PDF file associated with your data record. And if you want to associate more than one PDF to a given record, you simply create more than one hyperlink.
04-07-2019, 03:51 AM,
RE: PDF attaching

I didn't know any of these options were available. I'm going to be adding lots more to records now.


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