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Newbie question
03-18-2019, 04:43 AM
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Newbie question

I stated my database after Christmas and haven't been able to get back to it until today. Right now I have 2 databases of the same items. One with images, one without . Should I have this? If not, should i delete the one without images? I'm uploading new data now and working in the one with the images.

I have screen shots, but not sure how to post them here.

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03-18-2019, 06:01 AM (This post was last modified: 03-18-2019 06:04 AM by maprecord.)
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RE: Newbie question
It sounds like you somehow made a copy of your collection file in a different location (different folder). And if your collection uses an Image Directory that defines it to be a folder in the same location as the collection file, then Recollector will only be able to find and display those images for the original collection file. For the copied collection file, the named Image Directory folder isn't there, so Recollector can't find and display the images.

So, the simple answer to your question is "yes", you can delete the "wrong" version of the collection (the one without images). But, of course, be careful when doing this so that you don't inadvertently delete your "real" collection file. (Though, in your case, we know you have a backup copy!)

By the way, the simplest way to see what the definition of your Image Directory is, is to choose Summary from the File menu.
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