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Main windows subset view, idea suggestion
12-12-2018, 09:15 AM (This post was last modified: 12-12-2018 09:17 AM by Phillip.)
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Main windows subset view, idea suggestion
Hi, I have a view addition/suggestion that I think would be helpful to organization and categorization which uses subsets but with an additional view.

In this first mock up picture you will see the tabs across the top are as normal but with the addition of a "Subsets" tab which will view your normally created subsets in a list or folder kind of view, number 1 being the name of the subset that you have created in the "Manage Subsets" menu, number 2 will display the field you are organizing by in that subset, and number 3 the field entry you are organizing by.


Once you double click on a subset in the list (as you would normally select an item) it will open that subset just as it would normally when you select a subset.


I believe this Subset list view would be very helpful in showing your subset categories in a more organized/folder looking view.

I look forward to hearing what you think :-)
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12-12-2018, 01:29 PM
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RE: Main windows subset view, idea suggestion
Thanks for your suggestion.

I can see the advantage of having a view where you can see all the subsets you have defined, along with their definitions, and that provides a way to switch to a particular subset by selecting it from that view. But there are at least a few reasons that, to my mind, this is not necessarily a change that makes sense to make. Here's the things that give me pause:
  • The three current tabs (List / Image Gallery / Item Details) all represent views of your collection data. The proposed new tab (Subsets) is not a view of your data, but rather a view of your subset definitions. Though you can navigate from this view to one of the data views, it is really a different sort of animal, and I worry that it makes the meaning of the tab selector less clear.
  • Subset definitions can be simple or complicated. Your sample screen shot shows a "Field" column and a "Contains" column. But a subset definition might involve multiple fields, multiple comparison types and boolean operators. This doesn't lend itself easily to displaying in the tabular presentation that you suggest. One could, of course, replace your "Field" and "Contains" columns by a single "Description" column, and its content would be the same as what you see when you choose Display subset definition from the Subset menu.
  • The set of subsets that are available are, I think, pretty easy to see in the current version of the program by choosing Select a subset from the Subset menu. As long as you carefully choose descriptive names for your subsets, it is pretty easy to see what subsets are available and to switch to the desired subset. I'm not sure that clicking on the proposed Subset tab, and then double-clicking on the desired row in the displayed subset list, is quicker or easier that using the current Subset menu capability.

I don't mean to pour cold water on your suggestion. I love when customers suggest product improvements. But each suggestion needs to be weighed, in terms of the effort required to implement it, the value that implementing the change would add to the program, and the comparison of that value against the value of other suggestions (given that there is a finite amount of developer resources available to enhance the product).
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12-24-2018, 08:20 PM
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RE: Main windows subset view, idea suggestion
I see where you are coming from in regards to the current three tabs and realize it wouldn't quite work as the subsets are not your html data information.

A single "Description" column does sound much better and simplified than showing the selected subsets options.

I am in no way a developer and it is good to hear feed back on my ideas Smile

Thanks for your feedback Smile I too also love how I can get direct feedback from the developer when I have ideas for possible features and layout simplifications, but when it comes to implementation I certainty don't know the length of difficulty it would take to implement such ideas Smile
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