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Request for suggestions
08-22-2018, 12:06 PM (This post was last modified: 08-22-2018 12:21 PM by dped57.)
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Request for suggestions
I am a brand new user. I have scanned through the threads unsuccessfully for a solution to my issue. Here goes:
I collect bottles of fine whisky. Generally, the whiskies I collect are available one bottle at a time. As a result, I often have several purchases of the same bottle on various dates, from various sellers at varying prices.
My intention was to have one record per bottling with several fields in that record for the various purchases. For example:

Macallan 18 year Old

P1 No. of Bottles 2
P1 Price Paid $100
P1 Seller . Park Avenue Liquors
P1 Date 01/01/18

P2 No. of Bottles 3
P2 Price Paid . $110
P2 Seller Whisky Exchange
P2 Date 05/01/18

In order to keep track of the total bottles of Macallan 18 year old in my collection, I would need a field called "Total Bottles Purchased" that added the "No. of Bottles" field for P1, P2, P3, etc.

I also hoped to have fields for "Bottles Consumed or Sold" (which I would enter manually); and "Total Bottles Remaining" (which I had hoped would subtract "Bottles Consumed or Sold" from "Total Bottles Purchased".

After reading the short thread from the fellow asking about calculating ages from current date and birth dates, I fear that simple calculations are not available as fields in Recollector. Are my fears accurate?

If so, does anyone have a sensible solution? I'm not inclined to import and export constantly into and out of Excel.

Is there a solution I am not thinking of that involves recording each purchase as a separate record? Could I then see my Total Inventory of Macallan 18 in some sort of summary?

Sorry for the long post, but thanks for reading it! Any thoughts?
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08-22-2018, 02:06 PM (This post was last modified: 08-22-2018 02:06 PM by maprecord.)
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RE: Request for suggestions
Thanks for this query.

You are quite right that, for the most part, Recollector does not include formula-like capabilities that let you compute field values automatically based on other field values. (In designing Recollector, we specifically decided that the program would not try to be a spreadsheet program. Spreadsheet programs are complicated beasts, and heading in that direction just seemed too far to go for what we wanted to provide: an easy-to-use, but flexible, collection cataloging system.)

One exception - though admittedly a very tiny one - is the ability to have a field which can act as a multiplier when calculating currency totals. I quote here from the User's Guide:

Quote:Note: Totals for currency fields will be treated in a special way if your collection contains a number-type field whose name is Quantity* (exactly as shown here, with capital ‘Q’ and an asterisk as the last character in the field name). If a Quantity* field exists, then its value will be multiplied by the currency field’s value in calculating totals. This allows you to handle the case of a collection with multiples, by having just a single record for the set of duplicate items, with the number of duplicates specified in the Quantity* field. The currency field should reflect the price/value for just a single item, and the computation of totals will be done by multiplying the currency value by the Quantity* value. (If Quantity* is left blank in a record, a default value of 1 will be assumed.) The multiplication by the Quantity* field value is only applied to currency-type fields, not to number-type fields.

So, this capability works for the case where each record might represent multiple copies of an item that you have in your collection. But it assumes that currency values (typically something like a price) will be the same for each copy, and the value you enter for the currency field is the value for a single copy. The program then multiplies this by the Quantity* value when computing totals (on the File > Summary page, and on the optional totals page on printed reports).

I would certainly suggest that you consider using separate records for each item, and then use subsets (particularly temporary 'search subsets' - created using the Search dialog of the List view), when you want to look at just the (multiple) records for a single type of whisky.
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