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Multiple Collections
04-29-2015, 01:15 PM
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Multiple Collections
Recollector has always allowed users to create more than one collection. But the program’s style has basically been “one collection at a time”. Thanks to requests from users, some new capabilities have been added to Recollector that reduce this one-at-a-time flavor, and that allow you to better integrate multiple, related collections.

The Mac version of Recollector has always supported having multiple, simultaneously open collections. This capability kind of came for free with Apple’s multiple document architecture: The Mac operating system encourages applications to support having multiple, simultaneously open documents. Not so on the PC. But recently Recollector on the PC has been modified, so that it, too, supports multiple, simultaneously open collections. As on the Mac, each collection is shown in its own window, but you can easily switch back and forth by clicking on the collection window you want to work with (or choose from the Collections list on the Windows menu, to bring any particular collection window to the front).

The other new feature related to multiple collections is the ability to create jump-to links that will jump to a record in a different collection. (Previously, all jump-to links were to records in the same collection.) This new capability is implemented as part of the R-type special hyperlink, so to create one of these jump-to links in the Editor window, you select the text you want to turn into a hyperlink, and then right-click (or Ctrl-click on a one-button Mac mouse) on the selected text and pick Create/Edit Special Hyperlink from the context menu. In the dialog that comes up, choose the R-type link: Record jump radio button and you will see how to identify a record in a different collection that you want to create a hyperlink to.

But there is a restriction on this capability: You can only jump to records in another collection if it is a “sibling” collection. What are sibling collections? Sibling collections are those whose collection files are stored in the same file-system directory/folder. So if you already have multiple collections that you would like to make links between, but they currently reside in separate directories, you will want to consider moving the collection files so that they live in the same directory/folder.

These cross-collection links work like you would expect them to: When you click on such a link, the other collection window is brought forward (and opened, if it wasn’t already open), and the target record’s Item Details view is displayed.
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