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Beer Tasting
08-05-2014, 04:09 AM,
Beer Tasting
I love to try new beers. For years I kept the information is a Word file that became huge. I always thought about doing a database, but knew before I did that it was important to decide on the structure. Over the years I changed the layout many times. I eventually hit the wall on managing the 20 page Word file.

One could say I should have gone to Access years ago. But bad experiences with Access at work eliminated that option. Then I found Recollector and it all came together. Recollector makes it easy to change the data structure.

My beer database includes the usual identifying information, web links, photos and comments. Over the years I've tried many of the beers more than once so the ease of including and reading comments is a plus. It's interesting that how a beer tasted two years ago can taste differently today, excluding bad corking or bottling.

BUT, the Recollector feature I LOVE, is saving the file to dropbox and viewing on Recollector's mobile app. I can view my data any time, any where. Saves me money at the store. A beer I tossed, I don't want to buy again. Out with friends recently, I pulled out my phone to check a beer the bar had on tap. They were impressed and asked if they could access the file. I hadn't thought about doing that, but with drop box that seemed possible.

02-20-2019, 02:13 PM,
RE: Beer Tasting
Just out of curiosity what is your favorite beer?

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