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Dave Griffiths
12-11-2017, 08:51 AM (This post was last modified: 12-11-2017 09:06 AM by Dave Griffiths.)
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Dave Griffiths
Hi – I have just looked at Recollector, and I am impressed. I am on the verge of purchasing the software, but have a query first.

I collect cigarette cards, and most of what I want to do seems to possible. But …

Each set of cards contains (typically) 50 cards , and I have some complete sets and some incomplete sets. I want to record if a set is complete or incomplete (easy, I think) and for the incomplete sets I want to record which cards I have, and which I still need to get. Most cards in a set are numbered 1 to 50 (sometimes 25, sometimes 100 but 50 is normal). On my paper record system (still in use but I want to upgrade to a software record system) I create, for each set that is incomplete, a simple 5 by 10 matrix (ie one cell for each card) and just put a trick in the appropriate box as I acquire a card. Can this somehow be replicated in Recollector? It doesn’t matter how it is done, as long as it is!

I look forward to your help here.

Many thanks, in advance.



I have just read the reply to a previous question about inserting a table, and it sounds as though the answer to my question is "no".

Would it be possible to create a separate table in Excel, and then make a link to this from the main record of the set of cards?

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