Zippo Lighter Collection
(contributed by David J. Morgan)

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Field Name

Data Type

Description multi-line text
Conditionmulti-line text
(Image) image
Location Acquiredshort text
Date Acquired date
Acquired fromone-line text
Purchase Price currency
Value currency
Valuation Date date
Date Codeshort text
Type short text
Part of a Set?short text
Advertisingshort text
Comments multi-line text
Bottom Stampshort text
Manufacture Locationshort text
Hinge Type short text
Chimney Type short text
Theme short text
Finish/Color short text
Current Location in Collection short text
Customizationone-line text
Modelone-line text
Finish/Color2short text
(Canada Date Info)one-line text
(Month Key) one-line text


Picklist Name

Associated Data Field(s)

Bottom Stamp (17 values) Bottom Stamp
Chimney Holes (3 values) Chimney Type
Date Code (410 values) Date Code
Finish&Color (66 values) Finish/Color
Finish&Color2 (391 values) Finish/Color2
Hinge (7 values) Hinge Type
Location in Collection (28 values) Current Location in Collection
Mfg Location (3 values) Manufacture Location
Theme (45 values) Theme
Type (41 values) Type

Click here to download this template (ZippoLighterCollection001.xml).

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