Installing Recollector on a Mac using CrossOver

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The following instructions provide a step-by-step guide to installing Recollector on a Macintosh computer. Recollector is written for the MS/Windows operating system, so to run on a Mac it needs to utilize software that allows Windows programs to run in the Macintosh environment. These instructions assume that you are using CrossOver Mac (also known as CrossOver Impersonator), an inexpensive ($39.95) but very capable Windows emulator, produced by CodeWeavers. These instructions assume that you have already installed CrossOver on your Mac. If you haven’t yet done this, please consult the Appendix to this document, which is a step-by-step description of the simple process of downloading and installing CrossOver.

Installing Recollector is very easy, and does not differ much from the steps you would take to install the program on a Windows system.

Using Safari (or your preferred browser on your Mac), navigate to the following web location: Your will see a Download Recollector button. Click this button to begin the download.

When the download is complete you will see RecollectorSetup.exe displayed in the Downloads folder. It is displayed with the CrossOver icon, indicating that CrossOver recognizes it as a Windows installer:




Double-click on the RecollectorSetup.exe entry in the Downloads window to begin the installation.


If you are running the time-limited trial version of CrossOver, you may, at some point during the installation process, see a window notifying you that of this. You will be given the opportunity to buy the product, register the product (if you have purchased it), or continue to use the trial version:


Time Limited


Click the Try Now button to continue.


You will probably be shown a warning that the program you have asked to run was downloaded from the internet:




This is a standard security precaution. Click Open to proceed. After a pause, Recollector’s installation wizard will begin:




Just follow the simple steps of the installation wizard, clicking Next on the first screen and I Agree on the second screen. On the third screen, just accept the default installation location (C:\Program Files\MapRecord Publications\CM) and click Install.


When the installation is complete, CrossOver will open the folder containing the newly created icon for running Recollector:




At this point the installation of Recollector is complete.


In order to more easily find and run Recollector, you might want to create a desktop icon. You can do this by making an alias for the Recollector icon. Select the program icon (as shown in the picture, above) in the Finder and then choose Make Alias from the Finder’s File menu. Move the alias icon to your desktop.


When you double-click on its icon, the program may take anywhere from 5 to 15 seconds to start up. If CrossOver is not currently running, it, too, starts up automatically when you invoke Recollector, and this double start-up takes a few moments. Once it has started, it will run at full speed, comparable to its running speed on an MS/Windows machine.


If you do not create a desktop icon for Recollector, then you can still locate them easily through CrossOver. When you start up CrossOver, a window will pop up (unless you have explicitly disabled it) asking whether you want to Install Windows Software or Run Installed Software:




Choose Run Installed Software and a Finder window will open on the CrossOver folder. Inside it you will see the Recollector folder, which you can double-click to see the start-up icon for the program. Double-click on the icon to start up Recollector.


Alternatively, if CrossOver is already running, select it (by clicking its icon in the Dock and select Recollector from the Recollector sub-menu of the Programs menu.


Once you are satisfied that CrossOver and Recollector operate to your satisfaction on your Mac, you can purchase CrossOver by going to and purchasing CrossOver Mac Standard ($39.95). You will need to register at the CodeWeavers site, and then complete the purchase. You can then register your copy of CrossOver on your Mac by clicking the Register Now button which shows up in the intermittently appearing window that warns you that you are running a time-limited version. You will need to provide the email address and password that you used to register when you made your purchase at the CodeWeavers web site.


Note on mouse buttons: Recollector makes use of the mouse’s right button to invoke context menus to perform various operations. Since the normal Macintosh mouse is a one-button mouse, you will probably want to configure CrossOver so that holding down the keyboard’s Ctrl key while clicking with the mouse is interpreted as a right-mouse button click. This can be done in the Keyboard and Mouse section of the CrossOver preference window, which is accessed from the CrossOver main menu. (By default, CrossOver does not enable keyboard modifiers for mouse buttons.)


Note on testing: We have done a certain amount of testing of Recollector running on the Mac under CrossOver. In almost all respects the behavior of the program was identical with its behavior on the Windows platform. The one exception we noted was in printing, where text, but not graphics, were successfully sent to a network printer. Graphics areas were printed as blank. We expect that this is due to the absence of a Windows printer driver on the Mac platform. Other printer configurations may work correctly.


Appendix: Downloading and installing CrossOver on a Macintosh computer


CrossOver can be installed on any Intel-based Macintosh. However, the machine must be running at least version 10.5 (Leopard) of the OS X operating system. If your Mac is running an earlier version of OS X, you will not be able to download or install CrossOver.


Note: CrossOver does not require you to install or license any Windows operating system software. CrossOver is a stand-alone emulator, so it is the only piece of additional software that you need to install on your Mac in order to run Recollector.


Download CrossOver from the following web site: You can download a free trial version, which will function for 30 days. This allows you to verify that CrossOver, as well as Recollector running under CrossOver, functions to your satisfaction before you have to pay the $39 license fee. After clicking the Free Trial button, you will be taken to a page where you supply your name and email address and then click a Download CrossOver Now button. When the download completes, the following window will be displayed:




Click and drag the CrossOver icon and drop it on the Applications folder icon. This will copy CrossOver to your Applications folder. After the copy is complete you can close this initial CrossOver window.


Open your Applications folder and double-click on the CrossOver icon. You may be warned at this point that CrossOver was downloaded from the internet:




Click Open to proceed. You will only be warned this first time that CrossOver is opened. If you are running the trial version, you will also see the following window:




Click on Try Now to proceed. Once fully installed, CrossOver will prompt you to install Windows software:




At this point, simply close this window. Read the main section of this document for step-by-step instructions on how to install and run Recollector under CrossOver.