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The M.R.P. Collection Manager is software for collectors. Whatever you collect - art, coins, maps, trading cards, vintage photographs, etc. etc. - there is nothing that increases the enjoyment and value of your collection more than a good record of what you own. There are actually many software packages that have been developed to help people catalog collections. Some of these software packages are specialized (for example, for wine collectors) and are tied in with databases that allow you to look up information - including prices - about what you own. Some are extremely elaborate (and very expensive) and are aimed at museums or other large institutional collections. And then there are many low-end, very inexpensive collection management programs; these are mostly simple list managers that let you record a handful of attributes - and perhaps a few images - of each of the items in a collection. The low-end programs typically have little flexibility, and often they provide you with much less capability than simply using a spreadsheet or word processing program to keep track of your collection (which, in fact, is something that a lot of collectors do).


For a video introduction to the M.R.P. Collection Manager, go to the Demonstration and Training Videos page, and view the first video in the list.


With Collectroid, the new Android companion to the M.R.P. Collection Manager, you can take your collection on the road with you on an Android smartphone (running Version 2.1 or later of the Android operating system). Click here to look at the Collectroid documentation from the M.R.P. Collection Manager User's Guide.



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What makes a good collection management program?

Flexibility - Every collector will have his or her own idea about what attributes are important to track. Perhaps you collect paintings, and, in addition to recording the price you paid for each painting, you want to separately keep track of the price you paid for framing each piece and, perhaps, also information about any restoration work you had done (who performed the work; how much it cost). These may sound like unusual requests, but just about any collector will have ideas about what to record about their collection, and any software being used as the collection database should be flexible enough to allow this.

- A collection manager should allow you to do more than just enter and look at your data records. You should be able to:

  • Search
  • Sort
  • Subset
  • Import and Export data
  • Print
  • Customize
  • Handle images
  • Handle audio or video clips
  • Handle multiple collections
  • Allow easy backup of data

Robustness - It may seem silly to mention this, but many programs are not designed to handle unusual data. If a program gives an error (or, worse yet, crashes and loses your data) when you mis-type (for example, enter a non-numeric value for a numeric field) or request some inappropriate operation (for example, ask to display images for a record that has no images), the program can turn into more of a nuisance than an aid.

Ease of use
- It is a bit of a cliché to say that a software program should be easy to use. But it is certainly true that if it is hard to figure out how to use a program (either due to obscure methods needed to perform various operations, or inadequate - or wholly absent - documentation), it is a real drawback.

I have tried very hard to make the M.R.P. Collection Manager flexible, functional, robust and easy to use. (Of course, you might expect me to be a bit biased about this!)

One other characteristic that I have tried to build into the Collection Manager is a certain elegance and professionalism in the presentation of your collection data. The Collection Manager allows you to control formatting, including:

  • use of italics, underlining, and paragraph breaks
  • user-specified font choice for displayed or printed report pages
  • support for accented and special characters
  • support for hyperlinks for navigating to related records
  • support for hyperlinks that bring up footnote-style notes
  • support for hyperlinks that bring up desired web pages in your browser
  • control over thumbnail image size within an item-description page
  • complete control over order of fields within an item-description page
  • clean pagination in printed reports

To give you an idea of what these features provide, take a look at the image in the middle, at the top of this page. Click on the image to get a full-size view of the window, where you will see examples of some of these formatting capabilities.

To further explore the M.R.P. Collection Manager, you can examine the complete M.R.P. Collection Manager User's Guide which is available on the web. Read it or browse it to get a full idea of what the program is and what it can do.

New with version 1.1.19! This version of the M.R.P. Collection Manager includes the ability to generate attractive compact printed reports of your entire collection. Click here for a description of this new feature.

New with version 1.1.23! Two useful new features have been added: (1) An optional "thumbnail banner" window, at the top of the list view of your collection. All available thumbnail images, for whichever record is currently selected, are displayed in this banner window, meaning that you don't have to switch to the item details mode to see images for any particular record. (2) You can now embed additional kinds of hyperlinks in your collection descriptions. You can provide hyperlinks to any kind of web address (URL), allowing you to bring up any web page from a single click on a link in your collection viewer. You can also provide links to short additional bits of text, similar to footnotes, which will be displayed in an "extended information" window at the bottom of the main collection window, when you click on this kind of link.

New with version 1.1.28!
Take your collection with you! Support has been added for installing the M.R.P. Collection Manager, along with your collection data and images, onto a USB thumb drive. Just take the thumb drive with you and plug it into any computer running Windows. You can run the M.R.P. Collection Manager directly from the thumb drive (no installation required to the hard disk of the particular machine you are using). To read more about this, and to get specific instructions on how to do this, click here.

New with version 1.1.32!
Take your collection with you on an Android smartphone! Collectroid, a free app that you can download from Android Market, is an Android companion to the M.R.P. Collection Manager. The M.R.P. Collection Manager has a new Export for download to Collectroid menu choice, that allows you to create a single file containing all your collection data and thumbnails of your images. Download this file to your Android phone (or tablet), with Collectroid installed, and you have a collection viewer that fits in your pocket. Collectroid supports most of the features of the M.R.P. Collection Manager for viewing your data, such as List View and Item Details View, sorting, searching, and rich formatting (italics, underlining, hyperlinks, etc.).

New with version 1.1.37!
Audio and video support have been added. The "image" data type has been expanded to be "image/audio/video". You can now incorporate audio and video clips into your data records. These will display as hyperlinks, which, when clicked on, will play the corresponding audio or video file using the Windows Media Player.

New with version 2.1.1! Collections can now be made directly from Excel spreadsheets or tab-delimited text files. No longer is it necessary to first manually create an empty collection (whose field names precisely match the column names in the external data) and then, as a separate step, import the data from the external spreadsheet or file. Now the M.R.P. Collection Manager will automatically generate a collection whose fields match the external data source and will create and import the collection all at once.

New with version 2.1.4! Generate a web site from your collection. This new capability lets you automatically produce a web site based on your collection. Each item in the collection is given its own web page, preserving all of the capabilities of the M.R.P. Collection manager's Item Details View: clickable thumbnail images which link to full-resolution images; hyperlinks between records and to other web pages; rich text formatting, etc. An index page is also generated, giving you a List-View like index to all the individual pages. With a web site you can share your collection with the world, and you have control over what information you do and do not share.

Click here to see a list of the features and fixes that have been added to the M.R.P. Collection Manager in revisions over the past few years.

Download a free demo version of the M.R.P. Collection Manager

System requirements
: The M.R.P. Collection Manager runs under any of the modern versions of MS/Windows (95, 98, NT, 2000, Vista, Windows/7). The M.R.P. Collection Manager can also be run on Intel-based Macintosh computers (OS X, version 10.5 or later) using CrossOver. Click here for more information about running the M.R.P. Collection Manager on a Mac.

The demo version of the M.R.P. Collection Manager is a fully functional trial version. There is no time limit restriction on the use of the demo version. The only difference between the demo version and the fully licensed version is that with the demo version you are restricted to a maximum of 25 data records in a collection. If you decide to buy the registration key for the fully licensed version, you will not need to download the software again. The registration key that you will be sent (via e-mail) will convert your existing demo version into a fully functional, unrestricted version. Click this button to begin the download:


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Updating to the latest version of the M.R.P. Collection Manager

The current version of the M.R.P. Collection Manager is 2.1.8. You can find out what version you are currently running by looking at the About the M.R.P. Collection Manager dialog (accessed from the Help menu of the collection window). If you are running an older version, you can update by simply downloading and re-installing. Just click on the button above ("Download M.R.P. Collection Manager"). Don't worry if you already have licensed the product - the download and re-install will not lose your license information and you will still be running the fully licensed version.

Purchase a registration key for the M.R.P. Collection Manager

After you have installed the demo version of the M.R.P. Collection Manager and tried it out, you can purchase a registration key for $25. This allows you to convert the demo version to a fully functional, unrestricted version. Also, registering the M.R.P. Collection Manager entitles you to receive customer support and product updates.

To purchase a registration key, click on the "Purchase registration key" button, below. This will take you to a secure payment site, where you can pay with a credit card or using PayPal. Your registration key will be e-mailed to you as soon as MapRecord Publications receives confirmation that the payment has been successfully processed. This will usually occur within 24 hours. The e-mail will also contain simple instructions for how to enter the registration key. Please note: The secure check-out will ask you to provide a shipping address (and billing address, if different from the shipping address). However nothing will actually be shipped to that address, since the registration key will be sent to you via e-mail. The request for your shipping address is just how the secure check-out site works to gather the information it needs to process your order.